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My Colorado Bed & Breakfast Dream

I have loved Colorado for as long as I can remember. I wasn’t born here, but I’ve lived here for a few years, and even before I lived here, I vacationed here. To me, it’s just one of the coolest, most picturesque places in the world.

The mountains, the snow, the backcountry… it’s all just wonderful. So, I have a dream. And I want to tell you about it! And maybe what I really want is a little nudge in the right direction, because what I’m talking about is pretty scary. It’s more of a life leap.

So what is it? Starting a bed and breakfast! Cool right? I got this idea mostly from all the wonderful bed and breakfast joints I’ve stayed at over the years. And I’ve stayed at a lot of these places. When I travel in Colorado, the first thing I do is find a great B&B.

B&Bs are just charming and down to earth. I like them a lot better than big fancy resorts. It’s just a great way to meet people and experience the “real” Colorado.

So, with all my love for this place, I figured I could start one of my own and give that very same gift to people! But, I confess that’s not the only reason I want to open my very own bed and breakfast.

I also just want to get out of the corporate world. I’ve had the same job for a few years now, and it’s okay. It’s alright. I don’t hate it. But it’s not something I truly love either. I want to be my own boss. I want to help people enjoy Colorado in the same way I do.

So what do you think? Should I start my very own bed and breakfast place in Colorado? Let’s take some votes! Leave a few comments below!

A Few Great Things to Do in Colorado

So, being a life-long Colorado enthusiast, and recent transplant to Colorado, I figured I’d help you guys out and share some of my favorite things to do in this awesome state. Because, really, traveling here can be a bit overwhelming. There are just SO many things to do.

So it can be really hard to do. And sometimes, it’s seasonal. Obviously, Colorado is a very popular destination in the winter, but there are plenty of great things to do in the other seasons as well. So, I wanted to share some of my favorite things to do. Check it out!

  • Aerial parks and zip-lining. Have you ever just wanted to go super-fast? Are you an adrenaline junkie? Because I am! These parks are an absolute blast, and I always take friends here. There are a few great parks near Salida that have amazing zip lines over canyons. Aside from just being incredibly fun, it’s an awesome way to appreciate the Colorado landscape.
  • Tour biking. This is another great way to get to know Colorado. There are some really excellent bike tours in Colorado, and they’re relatively cheap. This is also a very family-friendly activity that can take a whole day, so if you’ve got a group of kids you’re looking to tire out for the day, this is probably perfect!
  • Ice climbing. Ice climbing is something most people would never think about doing, but it’s actually one of my favorite things to do in CO. Aside from being a totally unique experience, it’s also just a great story to tell. How many people do you know who have gone ice climbing?

Anyway, those are a few of my favorite things to do. Of course, they are all pretty active things, and that’s’ not for everyone. Maybe I’ll cover museums and restaurants in another post! As always, if I missed anything, leave a comment!

3 of the Best Camp Sites in Colorado

I’ve always been a sucker for camping (as if you couldn’t tell by my other posts!). Even when I was a student working multiple jobs, I found time for camping. There’s just something about being outside, around nature, under the stars that makes me feel really great – almost whole.

So, it probably won’t surprise you to learn that I’ve spent a good chunk of my time checking out camp sites in Colorado. Honestly, I’ve probably camped at about a hundred sites in this state, and I love it more every time.

It also probably won’t surprise you to learn that there are loads of amazing campsites in Colorado. I mean, our outdoors space is what we’re known for after all. And that, my friends, is why I put together this little list!

If you’re going to come to Colorado to go camping, bring your best binoculars and a good tent, because you’ll have no shortage of options, so here is a compilation of a few of the best.

  • Little Molas Lake Campground. Little Molas Lake Campground is in San Juan National Forest, and it’s about as picturesque as it gets. The central feature, of course, is Andrews Lake, which is flat and clear on calm days. You can also see plenty of mountains in the background, and there’s lots of great options for outdoor activities, including canoeing and kayaking.
  • Angel of Shavano. The Angel of Shavano campground is a little more tucked away and just as beautiful. Instead of a central lake, this campground features lots of little creeks and streams. Of course, the view of the mountains is equally spectacular!
  • Oh Be Joyful Campground. This campground really lives up to its name. Campsites in this campground are surrounded by thick woods, and a waterfall is never more than an earshot away. In fact, you can set up camp right on them!

There you go folks, my three favorite campgrounds in Colorado! As always, if I missed anything, leave a comment!

What Sports Enthusiasts Need to Bring on a Colorado Vacation

If you like sports like I do, you’ll know that we have another thing in common: people like us love, love, love to have active vacations. And Colorado is perhaps one of the best places in the United States for sports junkies like us to go and have some good, active fun.

There are just tons of different things to do. You could go camping. You could go hiking. During the winter months, there are about a million different snow sports to take part it. You can also go hunting and fishing. Or you could visit one of the hundreds of aerial parks we have. Really, the possibilities are endless.

So, if this sounds like you, I wanted to give you a few packing tips, so you’ll be able to do everything your heart desires when you get here!

  • A good, rugged water bottle. This is probably the most important thing to bring no matter what time of year you come. Having a good water bottle and staying hydrated is key to being able to keep moving and having fun. Anything plastic works, but for best results, go with a water bottle with a screw-on lid and something that will allow you to attach it to your backpack.
  • Bring a few good shoe options. This is also a really important one, especially if it’s your first time visiting Colorado. Even if you think you have it planned out, you’ll probably find new stuff to do. So make sure you bring a good general training shoe, probably a shoe for tennis and other court sports, and then a hiking/outdoor shoe.
  • Bring food! I’m talking about protein bars or something. You’re going to be on the go, so you need to keep your tank topped off. Anything that you can carry around with you and doesn’t spoil would be great!

Essential Things to Bring if You Plan on Hunting in Colorado

It’s no secret that hunting is one of our favorite pastimes here in Colorado, and there are plenty of places to hunt. And even if you don’t hunt, you would probably still enjoy a hunting vacation or outing – if for no other reason than the scenery is some of the most beautiful in the world.

So, it’s tons of fun and everything, but you really, really need to be extra prepared to hunt in Colorado. I’ve seen plenty of people go out and come back early because they were just totally unprepared for our climate here. Even worse, I’ve heard of a few people getting stranded out in the woodlands and canyons, which is definitely not the place you want to be.

So, I wanted to help all you hunters out. Here are a few things you absolutely need to have packed before you start exploring our amazing landscapes.

  • A thermal blanket. One of the things that surprises people the most, usually, is how drastically our temperatures change over the course of the day. It can be 50 degrees in the morning, 80 degrees at none, and below freezing at night – especially in the temperate months.
  • A good knife. This is more basic survival than anything, but a good survival knife goes a very long way in any unfortunate situation. I prefer to carry a bowie knife, but any hunting knife will work. It’s just a good, versatile tool that can save your life.
  • About a week’s worth of food and a water purifier. Water is easier to find than food out here. Plus, it’s not very practical to carry around a couple gallons of water. The solution, then, is to carry 6-7 protein bars and a water purifier. You want those calories coming in if you’re in a survival situation.

There are plenty of things you can do to prepare of course, but these three are the most important for hunters in Colorado!

5 Packing Tips for the Lady Tourists in Colorado

I’ve loved Colorado all my life, and I’ve been a lady even longer! As you guys know, I absolutely love to be active when I’m vacationing in Colorado, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to look good doing it! I’ve also had the opportunity to chat with a bunch of the people who come through here on their travels, and I always have a special place in my heart for the active girly girls – those are my people.

So, you can probably imagine that I’ve picked up my fair share of packing tips from my fellow females, and I wanted to share a few for any of the other ladies who were thinking about making a trip and doing fun outdoor stuff. So check it out!

  • Always, always, always pack light. You’d be surprised how many people don’t follow this rather simple rule. You’re going to want to pack light, no matter how strong your urge to bring lots of different clothes for different occasions. Packing light is the number one tip for two reasons: (1) you’ll worry and stress a lot less if you don’t have to decide what to wear; and (2) you won’t be bogged down by heavy luggage when you’re running around doing fun stuff.
  • Carry a simple, small makeup pouch. I carry one pouch that holds one of everything. My pouch includes my mascara, foundation, eyeliner and a bit of eye shadow (I rarely use blush or lipstick). The smaller the better, too; I like to be able to pull out my mascara when I need it, and hauling around a big clunky pouch just doesn’t do the trick most of the time.
  • You probably know this, but bring tampons. This is especially true in the winter time. It’s not that we don’t all know our schedules; it’s more that it’s tough to change out of ski boots and a snow suit in an emergency. So make sure you come prepared, ladies! And that doesn’t mean just bringing them. It means having them on your person.

Travel Photography Tips for Colorado Adventurers

So, by know you guys know that I have a ton of hobbies. I’m a complete and total outdoors nut. I love being outdoors. I’m also a sporty kind of girl. I just love being active. But did you know I’m a photographer, too?

Well, I’m not a professional photographer. In fact, I’m pretty amateur. But I’m learning! And to me, learning about different kinds of photography techniques is part of the fun. And, of course, because I’m such a nut about Colorado, I mostly focus on travel photography and landscape photography.

So, I’ve had the good fortune to learn a whole bunch about landscape photography and nature photography along the way. A lot of these things I learned from fellow travelers. Some of them I learned by doing. And some of them I learned from taking actual photography classes.

So let me share a bit of what I’ve learned!

  • First and most importantly, equipment matters! Listen, you can take great photographs with your iPhone, and I don’t care how great your Instagram filter is. To take a truly great photograph, you’re going to need to invest in a good camera, even if it’s just for a couple hundred dollars. You’ll also want to think about getting a good lens.
  • Seek out great landscapes! If you just go out and find some natural beauty, a lot of the work will be done for you! And there is no shortage of that kind of thing here! So do some research, and figure out what you really want to photograph.
  • Photograph people! I once heard an elderly lady say a really great thing. She said, “You know, when I went to the Grand Canyon with my husband all those years ago, I took a bunch of pictures of the Grand Canyon, but now that he’s gone, I wish I would have just pointed the camera at him.” And I think that’s a very good lesson! Make some memories.

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